Web design with the end result in mind

In essence, typography is synonymous with web design.

Some websites, in particular, are based on images, audio or video. If not, they will consist of lots of text. Even in the first case, such sites might contain a lot of text. Text includes descriptions, discussions and reviews about the content. In general, the Internet comprises of text.

It goes without saying that typography is the most critical aesthetic design discipline that one should master. You become relevant when people read your content. You should understand that, while all design disciplines are essential, you should begin with typography. Text that looks great can take you places.

The Way you browse the Web is Different from Others.

Keep in mind that people browse the Web using different devices in various locations. This needs to be accounted for in a variety of ways.

There are people who search on much smaller screens. Your website needs to look great on different screens, with sizes ranging from 3 to 40 inches wide. Though this is quite difficult, it is worth it. This is because, the more people use your website, the higher the probability that they would buy your products/services.

Some people browse in lighting different from yours or their screens might be dimmer. Or else, they may have poor vision, meaning, your design will require lots of contrast. These subtle, yet remarkable variations in colors and shades will not affect most users.

Others use touch screens. They are probably the same people who use smaller screens. You have to take this into consideration by ensuring that it is easy for the fingers to tap on the links and buttons. When you test your web design using your own mobile gadgets, you may face different usability issues that need to be addressed.

Some users are visually impaired. Others search on different browsers. There are users of text-based browsers. The list may go on, but at the end of the day, always remember that the experiences of users with your site can vary extensively.

You are selling your products/services.

Finally, you should design your website with a sale in mind – since you are selling something. Even if it is a simple blog about your personal experiences, still, you are selling yourself. It is like you are selling the experiences that may be interesting to readers and could be valuable to them. When you have a blog, you just want to make sure that it is quick and easy for people to find the articles they may need or find interesting. If you have a brochure site, this means designing every page to show the best features or qualities of your products/services and make it easy to buy them.

Include this in everything concerning your site like content and actual layout. You have to show people the goods you are selling, and convince them that this is what they want and need. Make it easy for them to take action on buying your stuff. In case you are a blogger, encourage them to subscribe to your blog. If you are a seller, persuade them to buy your products/services and pay right away.

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How to recognize a great web developer

Analytical Mindset

A developer should be skilled in good system-level thinking. No matter what kind of developer you are, you have to be passionate about solving problems as this is a big part of programming. You should be able to balance thoughts on the minute details and big picture alike.

Curiosity and Inquisitiveness

Even if your code works (or does not), a developer like you should not be afraid to know the reason why and continue until you find a solution. Whenever you have a project, be comfortable about asking questions to your clients, peers or superiors to make sure you understand what is required and expected. You should be willing to try new things, whether it is another programming language or a way to approach your project or job. Though there are times when you will succeed and other times you will fail, you will learn from these achievements and challenges as part of being a developer.


Always remember that at the end of the day, software is all about people so being able to understand your users is both important and helpful. Also, it is imperative to have the ability to communicate well with your client and team.


Whatever the programming language you specialize in, the truth is, you cannot predict that code. A developer like you should be able to change contexts or the project scope all at once then return to pick up at the part you left off. You should be able to adjust then respond to problems whenever they come up (most often, without warning, which is usually time sensitive). You cannot forecast things that occur in the tech industry so it is imperative to adapt to what your business/product needs whenever they change.

Love to Learn

When it comes to technology, you can always find something new to learn that could catch the interest of most people in the industry. You will always stay informed, thus, developing your knowledge further. Tech is an industry that is very dynamic and fluid. It continues to grow, change and evolve. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies as part of the industry. If ever there is an issue or bug, you have to look into the root of the problem to be able to solve it efficiently.


As a developer, the problems you might face with a project can be unique. Considering this, it is important to realize that the “correct” and “best” solution can be different. While you can learn from the best programming practices and helpful advices from your peers and industry, you should also give importance to your own job and problem-solving capabilities as a developer to accomplish results more than complying with preset rules and practices.

Team Player

Being a web developer, you will have to work with other developers, engineers and designers as well as other teams in your company. At times, you may work closely with a sales, marketing or support team or directly with clients. Therefore, you have to cooperate and work as a member of a team. No matter if you are working alone or together with your team, the key to success is to communicate and collaborate with your associates and stakeholders.

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How to Find a Professional Graphic Designer That Best Suits Your Company

The time will come when your business will develop past the DIY level. Perhaps now is the moment. This is a great sign. This shows that your business is flourishing and you are too busy for your do-it-yourself design, website updates and bookkeeping. By this time, you are also earning more.

When you were just starting, you did not have enough money, but had the time, therefore you were prompted to do it yourself. Now, though you no longer have the time to do it yourself, you have more money to spend. When your business reaches this stage, it would be more practical to hire a professional graphic designer.

Ways to Know If You Need to Hire a Designer

The most important reason to hire a professional designer is because you are not completely satisfied with your visual brand, but because of the following:

  • You lack the skills to create a polished visual brand at the start, and over the years, you have been using something to serve as “placeholder”. You intend to have it updated, but never get to do it.
  • You have the means to pay for professional services and are ready to delegate your job to a graphic designer who has the skill and time.
  • You never had a visual brand, but now that your business has flourished, you will look more professional and be able to compete in your industry, as well as encourage your staff and sales personnel.
  • Your business has further developed, and your present brand does not represent the products/services you offer. It is about time to get an update, and you want to hire a professional to do it.

No matter what your reason, now that you are prepared to move up to the pro level with regard to your visual brand, you can ask help from an experienced graphic designer.

Tips to Consider Before Looking for a Designer

First, you need to understand your ideal customer. All your marketing efforts should start with this step. Once you figure out the people you want to reach, you will be ready to look for a designer who could create pieces that this group will be interested in.

Prior to your search for a graphic designer, consider the kind of visual brand that suits your business. Make out your brand personality.

Once you know the customers you like to reach and the way to communicate with them, it will be easier to go through the portfolios of different designers and see if they will go well together.

Know if you need to get a freelance web designer or print designer? It would be great, though, if you can find a designer that is comfortable with web as well as print.

Actually, web design and print design are both highly specialized areas of expertise. So it would be very hard to find someone who is an expert in both fields.

Just focus on what your business needs most: Do you use print extensively? Do you market your business primarily online?

The professional you will hire will depend on the answers to these questions. You can also hire a person part-time to do the design job that is not used much.

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