We Develop iOS and Android Apps

In addition to building beautiful custom websites, we also specialize designing and developing iOS and Android apps in Columbus, Ohio.

Whether you’re in need of an iOS app or an Android app to be graphically designed, wire framed, mocked up, fully developed or launched on the App Store or Google Play, we can handle the project.

Our team of mobile app developers have the experience needed to create custom apps, no matter the functionality, with a cost-effective approach and professional design.

How much does a mobile app cost?

Our Mobile App pricing can vary widely. Our pricing starts at $15,000.00 USD. This typically includes client consultation, project planning and designing a wire frame and digital mockups.

From there, pricing depends on the features and functionality requirements and the amount of programming work required to make it necessary.

How we design and develop apps for iOS and Android

We believe our clients should be involved in every aspect of the design process from mockup to development and going live. We recognize that your app must accurately represent your concept, functionality, philosophy, and branding.

To achieve this, we start by building a wire frame and mockup, which you can review for color, layout, graphical design, and overall accuracy of your vision. Upon receiving your feedback, we refine the wire frame and mockup design making the necessary changes based on your requirements and suggestions. After your review, we will create a final mockup for production. The finalized mockup will basically be a pixel perfect screen shot of the app, in contrast to a wire frame which is rough drawing or sketch. The mockup is exactly how your app will look when displayed on an iPhone or iPad device.

Next, we move into development. Our app developers will get started coding your app’s features and functionality, exactly to your specifications. When ready, your app will be available for review in a private staging environment where you can test all of the features and functionality. During this time, we can schedule a conference call to review the functionality of the app per your requirements and specifications. Finally, upon approval, we can assist with getting the app published on to the App Store.

Columbus Website Design is available on an on-going basis for routine maintenance and modifications to your new iPhone/iPad app. We can also create for you eBooks, mobile websites and web based apps that function on the HTTP interface.

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