How it Works

We include our clients in every step of the process from initial design mockups, into development, during quality reviews, and finally going live.


The first step for each project starts with a kick-off meeting where we discuss your project goals and expectations so we can ensure a successful project. During this meeting, we will go over any design ideas, inspiration and concepts you may have already gathered. We typically do some brainstorming during this meeting and can also take a look at similar websites for inspiration or start with a blank slate.


After the kick-off meeting, we add your project to our production schedule and get started on the design work immediately. During the design phase, we will create the mockups which are essentially a graphical design rough draft in full resolution. The mockups clearly define what your website will look like once it is created in the next phase. When the design mockups are ready, we send them to you and ask for your review and approval.


With your approval on the design mockups, we move into the development phase where we install the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and any other custom functionality your project requires. During this time, we will also ask for your text copy content and any other multimedia (such as photography, videos, and PDFs) that need to go into the new site. We will also take care of any formatting and layout of your text content for you. Once completed, we will report back to you with requesting your review and approval of our work. All of which will be accessible on our private staging server.


The last step is the final review. This is where we go over the website with a fine tooth comb, page by page, looking for any thing out of place or items that may need to be revised. Once you are satisfied with our work, your website is ready to go live. We will help make sure the website goes live by setting your Domain Name Servers (DNS) for you and setting up any email accounts for you. Training comes with every WordPress website so we will schedule that with you shortly thereafter.